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<p>the authority of building materials and components, acoustic performance, thermal performance of fire building materials And many other inspection and testing, are in line. Low-carbon green surface treatment of all environmentally friendly materials, non-paint components, the decoration of the room no smell, no harmful ingredients to the </p>
<p>human body, completely bid farewell to formaldehyde, and truly zero- Insulation by the authoritative department testing, with Olivier integrated wall mounting room and ordinary decoration materials compared to the indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees, and paint a difference of 10 degrees is the hot summer in the south and northern </p>
<p>winter cold wall decoration materials. This product has a unique thermal insulation properties, the application of products in the balcony, sun room and the top of the villa top to solve the direct sunlight intensity, if the use of inverter air conditioner, can achieve significant energy savings, is a highly recommended environmentally friendly </p>
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" low maintence plants for around deck , wall notice boards with pallets "

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